Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Monday came and left

Yup. Another day goes by...I bet most of you are relieved that Monday is gone :D

In my bored vs boring post,  E-One, asked me if I could explain:

1.Difference between perhaps and maybe
Basically, they mean the same thing, possibly. But your question is probably when you should use these words?
You can use them in the beginning of the sentence, middle, at the end or even use both in the same sentence - they are interchangeable. But perhaps is a little formal, so you may want to use it in report writing, formal replies,requests and leave may be to social stuff.
Maksud sama saja. Boleh diganti2 tempatnya. Tapi perhaps lebih formal.

2. Some and several
To me this is related to numbers. How I perceive it is that some means a certain unspecified number (time, person...unspecified).

Can you get me some coke?
I think there are some toys in the basket. 

Several means more than 2, but not less.
There are several empty bottles near the door.
Several of the kids are going to the library later.

some>benda yang tak tentu nombornya, masa, orang
Some man called you just now.
several > lebih dari dua...ada yang kata 4 hari ke atas.

interchangeable > able to be replaced, use in the place of each other.Boleh diganti tempat

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