Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Work: tips on how to handle questions during presentations

Topik yang tak ada kena mengena dengan English.

Presentations are scary. Some people do it easily as it is part of their work and they make it seem like a breeze. Some even turn up with 2-3 people for a presentation, which I have no idea why they need to bring to entire team for a simple presentation...Pebentangan adalah menakutkan. Setengah orang buat dengan senang dan sesetengah hadir dengan 2-3 orang untuk pebentangan.

Anyway, here are some tips for those of you who need to do presentations as part of your work and dread at the thought of it every time!

1.Listen. Listen carefully.Watch your body language as it may show that you are not open to questions.
Dengar dengan betul. Jaga body language anda supaya anda tidak kelihatan tidak terbuka untuk disoal.

2. Decide. Decide on the nature of question and its intention so you know what to answer. Some questions maybe hostile, but do not take a defensive stand. If you are not able to answer immediately try delaying. But do not over use it as you may seem unprepared.

3. Confirm. Confirm the question being asked to you. You can even paraphrase the question so you may have some time to come up with an answer. Pastikan soalan. Anda boleh ulang soalan untuk melengahkan waktu

4.Acknowledge. At times, people may not agree with you or your method. Acknowledge different perspective and welcome suggestions given. Penerimaan. Kadang2 orang tidak akan terima awak atau pendapat. Terima perbezaan mereka dan cadangan mereka berikan.

5.Answer.  Sometimes questions arise due to misunderstanding. Find out why it arises and be prepared to go through your presentation to clear it. Sometimes you may just not know the answer. Admit and tell them that you will get back with the answer once you have them. Q&A sessions are for doubts to be clarified and feedback.

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