Monday, 4 April 2011

How to use when...macam mana nak guna perkataan when

When is used to tell or ask about time. You may ask when in past, present or future tense. It all depends on what are the subjects you are discussing about.

When di gunakan untuk tanya atau cerita tentang masa. Ianya boleh digunakan untuk bertanya samada tentang sekarang, masa lepas atau akan datang...semuanya bergantung apa yang dibincangkan.

When do you...? (present tense)
Bila awak...?

When did you...? (past tense)
Bila awak...?

When will you...? (future tense)
When are you...?
Bila awak akan...?

Selain untuk bertanyakan tentang perkara2 berkaitan dengan masa, when boleh digunakan untuk mempersoalkan atau pertimbangkan.

At what time : When is she due?
At a time, just, after: I find it easier to sleep when...
Although: She prefers to send a letter when she could just send an email.
Considering a fact: How did you get here when you car is in the work shop?

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