Friday, 15 April 2011

What is the difference between begin and start?

There is no difference between these two, except begin is more formal than start.

When did you start working here? When did you begin working here?
It is time to start the class/begin the class.

Two situations that you cannot use the world begin :
1. To tell about a journey
-I started to walk to the beach at 8am.

2. To talk about machines
- I can not start the washing machine.
- I don’t know how to start the photocopier.


azli9 said...

Maksud title What is the different between begin and start kan..

azli9 said...

it was my mistake? Therefore please correct me..

Jom belajar! said...

Hi Azli...sorry for the late reply. I wrote a new post on difference and different. Hope this explains:)

Anonymous said...


Jom belajar! said...

@azli9: betul, thanks for correcting me!tu la,type tak baca...very bad!see...if you can spot someone's mistake, you must be good:D