Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Has it been a month? Difference vs different

Wow! It's been exactly a month since I last updated!
Anyway, I received a comment by Azli on different and difference - why I wrote difference and not different in my last post in April.

They mean the same thing but the usage depends on the sentence or what you are trying to express.

Difference - digunakan bila kita nak membezakan 2 benda atau lebih.
Contohnya - what is the difference between this Hugo Boss shirt and Fred Perry's?
what is the difference between this cake here and the one over there?

Different - lebih kepada individual things, walaupun membezakan.
This Hugo Boss shirt is different from Fred Perry's because...
It's definitely different. One is vanilla and one is a butter cake.
I think this is a different girl, she's not the one from last week.

Happy Wednesday!

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