Friday, 5 October 2012

When to use many and much?

Many and much means the same thing, a lot. However they are used for different situations.

Many is used for plural/countable nouns
Much is used for singular/uncountable nouns

Many dan much mempunyai makna yang sama iaitu banyak. Cuma beza kegunaan ialah many digunakan untuk sesuatu yg boleh dikira dan much untuk sesuatu tidak boleh dikira.

How many children were at the party? Berapa ramai kanak-kanak ada di parti tersebut?
There were 8 children at the party.
1.Berapa jumlah kanak2 dapat dikira.
2.Child - children (plural)

How much sugar would you like? Berapa banyak gula awak nak?
Just a little please. Bilangan gula tersebut tak dapat dikira.

Macam mana kalau how many spoons of sugar would you like?Disini gula dapat disukat dengan sudu jadi many boleh digunakan.

How much is the book? /How much does the book cost? Berapa untuk buku ini? 1 buku, singular.

So when do we normally use many or much in daily conversation? We normally use it in questions.

How much did the pisang goreng cost? (money is uncountable, tidak boleh dikira)
Berapa harga pisang goreng itu?

How many pieces of pisang goreng did you get for 2 ringgit? (pieces is countable, boleh dikira)
Berapa banyak pisang goreng awak dapat untuk 2 ringgit?

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