Friday, 18 March 2011

TGIF! Thank God it's Friday! Yeay!

Finally, it's Friday!

Besides being the last day of work for the week (for some of you), it is my favourite day to go to Tesco. Why?On Fridays they have what you call ' Vege Day' (actually on Thursdays and Fridays). I don't know whether they actually advertise this but on this day they reduce the price of vegetables and they bring in more vege and fruits than any other day of the week. You can get seedless grapes at RM5.99 instead of their regular price RM9-11. You'll notice they have more fruits as well on this day. (I should get credit from Tesco for writing this!)

So, I thought today I will share some useful grocery shopping phrases :)

What time do you open daily?
Pukul berapa anda buka setiap hari?

What time do you close today?
Pukul berapa anda tutup hari ini?

Where can I find ...?
Di mana saya boleh cari...?

Why is the price here different than the ones over there? 
(referring same item but placed in different places and has different prices)
Kenapa harga disini lain dengan yang disana?
(barang sama tapi diletakkan tempat berlainan dan harga berbeza)
* this is because some items has different prices on certain days- setengah benda harganya berlainan pada hari yang lain

When did these vegetables arrive?
Bila sayur ni sampai?

Where can I find the price of this item?
Mana saya boleh cari harga untuk barang ini?

Where is your scanner?
Di mana scanner anda? alat pengimbas harga...

I can't find ..... I don't see it in the usual aisle.
Saya tak jumpa... Saya tak nampak ianya di lorong biasa.

Where are the carts? Where are the kids cart?
Di mana troli? Di mana troli kanak2?

When is the expiry date for this?
Bila tarikh luput untuk ini?

Can I pay with credit card?
Boleh saya bayar dengan kad kredit?

I forgot to bring my loyalty card.
Saya lupa bawa kad 'kesetiaan' saya

Where can I apply your loyalty card programme?
Di mana saya boleh mohon programme kad kesetiaan anda?

Can you deliver this item to my house?
Bolehkah barang ini di hantar ke rumah saya?

Are there any extra charges for the service?
Ada bayaran tambahan untuk servis ini?

Do you have a refund policy?
Anda ada polisi pemulangan?

Have a great Friday!

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