Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Tim decides to speak English

Hari ni just nak share something yang takde kena mengena sangat dengan English lessons, but a cute story about Tim (our family friend's son) who got fed up of all sorts of languages bombarded to him :)
Over the weekend an old German family friend came to visit my family and I...anyway, that's not the story: p The story is that his recently 6 year old son, Tim (Herzlichen Geburtstag Tim! Alles gute von Tante Maya und Familie!) has decided to speak English by himself!
You probably wonder why or don't quite understand what I mean by this. You see, Andreas (our German friend) is married to Daisy, who is a beautiful Filipino lady and their son Tim, has been travelling around the world for the past 6 years. YES, TRAVELLING. So, Tim doesn't really have a place he calls home (although they are living in a beautiful kraton in Bali at the moment) because they travel around and spends several months here and there, from Germany, Jordan to Korea and anywhere Andreas's heart desires (bestkan...orang Asia jarang buat kerja macam
It all happened one day while watching cartoon in Vietnamese (in Vietnam of course) he said ''enough with this Quatsch (nonsense)!" and since then decided he was going to speak English. It is very confusing if your dad speaks German, your mom speaks Tagalog and everyone else speaks English or Indonesian (where they are staying for a bit now)!
I wish Tim all the best in learning English at his international school in Ubud, Bali (where their teachers are actually local Indonesians and not native English speakers...pelikkan, sebab kalau kat Malaysia orang yang hantar anak international school bayar partially for their children to be taught by native English speakers,tapi kat sana tak). 

Tim in Ubud, Bali

New words untuk siapa yang tak faham:
bombarded - bertubi-tubi. Kalau nak check la translate google dia akan keluar dihujani. So please jangan translate BM-BI suka2 ya...:)
fed up - bosan
recently - baru2 ini
desires - keinginan/sesuatu yang kita suka
kraton - kadang2 di eja keraton/kraton, bermaksud istana dalam bahasa Indon (dalam cerita ni saya sebut mereka tinggal di kraton sebab memang mereka tinggal di sebahagian tanah kraton di Ubud yang disewa
native English speakers - mat salleh yang memang cakap English (British/American)
Quatsch - nonsense (Quatsch bahasa Jerman)
Herzlichen Geburtstag Tim! Alles gute von Tante Maya und Familie! - Selamat Harijadi Tim!All the best from aunty Maya and family!)
...dan ya, saya boleh cakap Jerman :)


Silent Reader 12 said...

best blaja english kat sini, teruskan menulis tau, Maya ;)

I'm happy to learn english here, keep writing , Maya ;)

Jom belajar! said...

thank you!