Friday, 5 February 2016

Bila nak guna much dan bila nak guna many?

When to use much and when to use many?
●Kita gunakan much utk uncountable noun (kata benda yang tidak boleh dikira)
- milk, sugar, money, time
●Kita gunakan many utk countable noun (boleh dikira)
- minutes,  ringgit, bottles of milk, can of drinks

How much money does he have?
How many hours does it take to go to London?

Choose many or much.
1. How _  brothers do you have?
2.How _ cars were stolen last year?
3. How _ coffee do you drink a day?
4. How _ money does he need?
5. How _ cats do they have?
6. How _apples did you buy?
7. How _ trees are there in the park?
8. How _clothes should I bring?
9. How _ paintings does he have?
10. We saw _ animals at the zoo.

1.many 2.many 3.much 4.much 5.many 6.many
7.many 8.much 9.many 10.many


Jomjalan Sanasini said...

T.kasih. Sangat membantu

cutties said...

sorry interrupt , are you sure the answers for number 8 and 9?

Jom Belajar English! said...

8) how much - berapa banyak baju patut saya bawa
how many pieces of clothing should I bring?