Monday, 15 February 2016

Have been atau had been?

Apa beza have been dan has been?
Have been
Have been digunakan bila anda memulakan sesuatu dimasa lalu dan masih berlaku hingga sekarang.
I have been waiting for you since 7am.
I have been searching for my keys.
I have been so tired lately.
(Has been digunakan utk he/she/it)
Had been
Had been digunakan apabila sesuatu berlaku sebelum sesuatu yg lain dimasa lalu atau sesuatu yg telah tamat dimasa lalu.
I had been living in JB before I moved to KL.
I had been to New York 8 years ago.
I had been working for abc management for 5 years until I received another offer.
Choose have been, has been or had been.
1. I _ waiting for 2 hours before he arrived.
2. I _ taking the 8am train since April.
3.They _ enjoying the weather in Spain this last few days.
4. I _ cooking since 5pm for dinner.
5. I _ given the opportunity to work in Singapore, but I declined.
6. I _ reading this thriller book when I found an even better one.
7. I _ so worried until I received a call from Mike.
8. We _ going in circles for the past 30minutes to find the clinic.
9. He _ very helpful with the project.
10. It _ raining nonstop since Tuesday.
1)had been 2)have been 3)have been 4)have been
5)had been 6)had been
7)had been 8)have been
9)has been 10)has been

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