Sunday, 13 February 2011

Small talk/Bual kosong

What is small talk? Small talk ialah bual kosong. Bila kita bual kosong? Mungkin bila kita hadir perkahwinan dan kena duduk sebelah orang yang kita tak kenal...kita kena mula bercakap. Jadi apa pula yang nak dicakapkan?
Ada macam2 topik, tapi topik yang lebih baik jangan diusik adalah yang berunsur politik,agama, perkauman.Cara paling senang:
1.Smile, introduce yourself and shake hands.
2.When you feel that you have nothing to say or can not engage further in the conversation, this probably means that you are feeling negative about yourself. Don't. This will only hinder you from conversing.
3. Understanding the secret of a good conversation. Find the interest of the person you are talking to,listen and talk less.
4. Ask open ended questions. Avoid questions that has yes and no answers.

Body languages you should observe (signs)
1. Scratching nose when talking - a sign of lying
2.Biting nail -nervous or worried about something
3.Folding arm - feel threaten and being defensive, but not necessarily
4.Leaning forward -interested
5. Lean back - relaxed and confident


E-One said...

Thanks Mr admin. This is my 1st time knowing this what we call Small Talk or Bual Kosong in Bahasa... Its really helpful.

Jom belajar! said...


Khairul Amry Mohamad Puad said...

kalau betu2 ikut BM mungkin orang akan sebut zero talk. hehehehe...

Jom belajar! said...


E-One said...

Bukan zero lah, Bual Kosong = Empty Talk!! hahaha. Jangan marah Cik Admin